Every Dog Has Its Day

P.E.T.S. is unique in offering several different socials that are tailored to your puppy's confidence, temperament, and energy level!
Read on to learn everything you need to know about attending a puppy social!

Which Social Should My Puppy Attend?

Level 1 Socials
All first-time puppies must attend a Level 1 Social


Small or Shy Pups

Super shy dogs or small dogs

Small/Shy Socials are for puppies that need a little extra time to gain their confidence or are smaller in size, including toy, mini breeds, and puppies under 10 pounds

  • All first-time puppies under 10 pounds must attend Small/Shy!

  • Most first-time puppies over 10 pounds that are shy should plan on attending Small/Shy for their first social

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Beginner Pups

Puppies still gaining their confidence and less rambunctious puppies

Beginners offers your puppy a safe introduction to playtime and other doggies. Even if your puppy has attended other socials, this will be a completely new environment for them, so your puppy will be a little hesitant when entering unfamiliar surroundings with unfamiliar dogs.

You'll be amazed at the high energy and play during the Beginners Social!

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ALL first-timers MUST attend a Level 1 Social. No exceptions!

Level 2 Social
(by invite only)

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Kinder Pups

Puppies too confident for Level 1 socials but not quite ready for Level 3

Kinder Pups Social is unique to PETS Socials. We realized very quickly that many puppies are too confident for Level 1 Socials but not confident enough for Level 3 Socials — so Kinder Pups was born!

Kinder Pups is for puppies that are a little more confident but just learning self-control and how to listen. Kinder Pups Socials allow them to work on those skills with other puppies at the same level.

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Level 3 Social
(by invite only)

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Teen Pups

Puppies with strong confidence and energy

Teen Pups have lots of confidence during play and have learned more self-control. Teen Pups play with lots of energy while advancing their listening skills and attention span.


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Level 4 Social
(by invite only)

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Big and Brave Pups

Puppies with high confidence and high energy

Big and Brave Socials are an amazing sight to see! It's an action-packed social full of fun and learning for your puppy!
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Where, When, and How Much Are Socials?

Who can attend?

  • Puppies must be under 18 weeks to attend their first social. 

  • Puppies may continue to attend socials as long as they remain social although priority will be given to puppies under 18 weeks of age

  • If your puppy is over 18 weeks old but you are still interested in bringing them to socials, please Contact Us to discuss

  • An adult 18 years or older must remain present with the puppy at all times

When are the socials?

During COVID-19, puppy socials are limited to 10 puppies per session and RSVP is required.

To allow all puppies the chance to attend socials, P.E.T.S. may limit each puppy to two socials per week.

Tuesday and Thursday Mornings

Small/Shy — 10:00 am-10:40 am

Beginner — 10:45 am-11:25 am

Kinder — 11:30 am-12:10 pm

Teens —12:15 pm-12:55 pm

Big and Brave — 1:00 pm-1:40 pm

Wednesday Evenings

Small/Shy — 4:45 pm-5:25 pm
Beginner — 5:30 pm-6:10 pm
Kinder — 6:15 pm-6:55 pm
Teens — 7:00 pm-7:40 pm
Big and Brave — 7:45 pm-8:25 pm

Saturday Mornings

Small/Shy — 10:00 am-10:40 am

Beginner — 10:45 am-11:25 am

Kinder — 11:30 am-12:10 pm

Teens —12:15 pm-12:55 pm

How much are the socials?

$20 per social

Payment is collected online when you RSVP.

We accept credit cards, debit cards, and Apple Pay via Square.

What do I bring?

  1. Proof of first round of your puppy's age-appropriate vaccinations with you to your first social if you have not already submitted them during registration

  2. Lots of treats! Bring a variety and ample amount of treats to reinforce your puppy’s learning

  3. Flat collar and leash (non-retractable). NO metal, slip, or spiked collars. Harnesses, clothing, flea collars, and any other management tools need to be removed before play

  4. Water bowl and water. At this time, water must be offered when outside of the store only

Where are the socials held?

Pet Food Express in Campbell

1902 South Bascom Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008

(across from the Pruneyard Shopping Center)


Ready to Attend a Social?

Step 2: Register your puppy
Step 3: Sign up for an upcoming social


My puppy is super friendly and energetic.  I don’t think “Small/Shy” or "Beginner" is the right hour for him!

Please still come to a Level 1 Social for your first social!

You’ll be amazed at how your “active” puppy who plays with anyone and everything at home suddenly becomes very shy when introduced to an unfamiliar and energetic environment filled with other puppies.

During your first social, if we determine that your puppy should move up to the next level, our trainers will speak with you to determine the next social you can attend.

Which vaccination records for my puppy do I need to provide?

DHPP—Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, and Parainfluenza

My puppy is over 18 weeks old but I’d like to bring her to socials. She is the sweetest puppy and plays well with other dogs in the neighborhood.

If your puppy is over 18 weeks old but you are still interested in bringing them to socials, please Contact Us to discuss

What can I expect at my first social?

Please visit the COVID-19 information page for details about what to expect during puppy socials at this time.

How will I know when my puppy is ready to move into the next level of socials?

Our professional trainers will work with you to determine the social we believe works best for them.  We place puppies based on temperament and confidence levels, and the socials work best when we have the correct level for puppies.  We will talk with you and answer any questions you might have during this process.  Once we decide on the correct social for your puppy, we ask that you come to that social moving forward.

Still have questions?

Use the Contact form to send us a message!