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P.E.T.S Registration

We will be launching a new registration form on Thursday, February 4th, so please check back to register your puppy!

P.E.T.S Rules and Policies

To keep things safe and sane!
  • Puppies must be under 18 weeks of age when they attend their first social.

  • As puppies get older, they may continue to attend if they remain social; however, PRIORITY will
    be given to pups under 18 weeks of age.

  • Bring proof of at least the first round of vaccinations with you to your first social.

  • One guardian 18 years of age or older must accompany each puppy throughout the social.

  • For the safety of all dogs, bring your pup on a flat collar. No metal, slip, flea collars, or spiked collars. Harnesses must be removed for play.

  • On-time arrival is required.

  • Puppy socials are intended as a safe place for friendly pups to socialize. Please note that this is not an environment to work on behavior issues.

  • Socials are not necessarily appropriate for every dog and the trainer(s) on duty are qualified to
    make that assessment if necessary. Trainer(s) reserve the right to excuse any pup from socials
    for any reason.


In addition to the standard rules above, P.E.T.S. Socials has implemented special COVID-19 Protocols.  Before you proceed, please read them here: COVID-19 Information.

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